Ffn Test - Preterm Birth

Sometimes the
symptoms are real

but the risk isn’t

A fetal fibronectin test predicts your risk of going into labour in the near future. When it says you’re not going to deliver, the fetal fibronectin test is highly reliable (>99%).¹

A clinically proven, powerful indicator for planning and peace of mind, during one of the most life-changing phases of adulthood. Discover our most Frequently Asked Questions

Know the Symptoms

Understanding your own body, especially during your first pregnancy, can often be a confusing period. Knowing how to differentiate between regular aches and pains and those preterm labour signs that require further examination can often be difficult to determine.

Pregnant women experiencing any of the symptoms presented in our helpful guide, should talk to their doctor or midwife and enquire whether testing might be appropriate for their pregnancy.

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